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Making of... Me Bf 109 K - 4
IIn the following you find in few steps how I  create the projecct Messerschmitt Bf 109 K - 4  in Cinema 4 D for my video “ Der letzte Immelmann “ ( The last Immelmann). Upper picture shows the Messerschmitt Bf 109 data taken from the Messerschmitt “ 0-NINE” Gallery by Thomas H. Hitchcock puplished by Monogram Aviation Puplications  1973.    Me Bf 109 K- 4 modelling with C4D:
A blueprint loaded in the background in C4D is a good start to begin with modeling. Here you see the 3 -sides view that I have used. I prefered splines and Loft-NURBS to built the complex shape of the Me 109 body. Four splines for the nose in a Loft-NURBS. The final Mesh is more delailed. Some splines later the Me 109 body is nearly coplete.
The wings and the propellerblades are also made with splines and Loft-NURBS. The wheels are made with torus objects. The Gallandhood canopy is still missing. I used splines positioned exactly around the cockpit to build the canopy. A Loft-NURBS makes it perfect. The details and the cockpit takes a little more time. But most of it is modeled in same way. The textures for the Me 109 are very complex. It could help to use Bodypaint to make some marks for the UV-Edit. The Me 109 project is build with C4D Studio 11.